Great HR Blogs For Weekend Reading

From Monday to Friday you may be too busy doing your human resources job to read, but remedy that each weekend by taking a little time out to stay on top of developments in your professional world.

One of the best and most succinct ways to accomplish that is checking in on relevant blogs written by knowledgeable experts in your field.

Here’s five you should check out:

1. ( A lot of HR professionals used to get a lot of laughs and some great information from Laurie’s last blog, “The Cynical Girl,” and some of us even remember when she created the now-defunct PunkRockHR. But as she announced when she changed her style and started writing under her own name, she changed, so the blog changed.

It did and yet it didn’t. It is still relevant, sometimes irreverent and highly entertaining and informative.

Ruettiman is a former human resources leader who now earns her living as an influential speaker, writer and strategist. Her book, published in 2014, is called I Am HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR.

Recent posts cover topics like employee branding, and asking for what you need.

2. Monster Thinking ( is a quick and yet valuable read of items relevant to industry and what is going on today. It’s a sort of digest of good stuff HR professionals should know collected by, one of the largest online recruitment and job search websites in the world.

Although guided by Eric Windergardner, it is more of a clearing house of information covering many and varied aspects of the HR work world. Every time you check it out, you are pretty much guaranteed to pick up some tidbit of information you didn’t know before. \

3. Fistful of Talent ( and 4. The HR Capitalist ( are mentioned together because they are both operated by Kris Dunn.

Dunn is currently chief human resources officer for Kinetix, the RPO firm for growth companies. By his own admission, he is most interested in the intersection of HR practice, technology and business results in today’s organizations. He is keen on areas like recruiting and performance management, but not to the exclusion of the many other areas that impact HR practitioners.

The HR Capitalist was his first blog and established his fresh take on HR and his intent on moving it out of the past and into the future. He is attuned to new workplace trends, technologies and troubles, and that makes this blog highly relevant.

Recent posts, for example, include “When in doubt, hire the best writing skills,” and “The best quote about HR you’ve never heard.”

That quote, by the way, was from Patti McCord, former chief talent officer at Netflix, who said: “The best thing you can do for employers- a perk better than football or free sushi- is hire only ‘A’ players to work alongside them. Excellent colleagues trump everything else.”

In Fistful of talent, he shares insights into advancements in human resources and information on managing talent and recruiting advice.

5. SkyPrep Blog ( includes informative posts regarding eLearning, Learning Management Systems, how to improve employee engagement and other topics, from one of the best online training platforms.

If you need help information on how to effectively train employees, the SkyPrep blog has all the information you need.

Happy reading everyone xo


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