How To Eat Healthier At Work

Trying to eat healthier may already be a daunting task. Working can make your healthy eating initiatives even more difficult. With hectic schedules and a lack of time, healthy eating is often the last thing on your priority list. However, eating healthy foods at work and fueling yourself with the proper nutrients can make a drastic change in your energy levels and on your overall attitude.

Ahh, the infamous 3 pm slump. You ate lunch, but are also nowhere near dinner time. Prioritizing healthy eating allows you to fill your day with low-sugar foods that are nutrient dense that allows you to skip the vending machines when the 3 pm slump comes around.

Here are a few tips to help eating healthier at work.

1. Invest in a glass water bottle so you can stay hydrated all day long.

2. Slice, pack and freeze assorted fruits in plastic bags to make quick and easy smoothies in the morning. Invest in a good quality protein to keep you fuller longer.

3. Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep. Sounds ridiculous to some people, but packing your lunches for the whole week saves you so much time, money and unnecessary calories and sodium from eating outside food. Don’t have time or the resources to plan a whole weeks worth of lunches, just pack your lunch for the next day by using the left overs from your healthy dinner.

4. Scope out healthy options at work so when you need food in times of desperation, you don’t resort to the drive thru line.

5. Moderate your caffeine consumption. Coffee to a degree is not bad for you but be mindful of how much you drink during a workday and avoid drinking with cream and sugar.

6. Distribute meals. By bringing lunch to work as well as a few snacks, you can eat every 2-3 hours. This will keep hunger at bay and will help with having portion control when its dinner time.

7. Tell your coworkers. Communicate with your coworkers about your new healthy eating mindset so they do not tempt you with the donuts and cake brought in to the office.



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