17 Tips To Make Life A Little Easier

Everyone has moments when they feel a little depressed, be it because of the gloomy weather, a bad day at work or just for no reason at all. These are a few simple tips to help you feel a little better even when it seems like everything is going wrong.

1. Let yourself cry. Sometimes you might just have a dark cloud over your head and you have no reason why. You feel overwhelmed, depressed and anxious and can’t seem to know why, letting yourself have a good cry can help. Crying can help you let it go. Watch a sad movie and just weep. It may seem silly but never be embarrassed of having a good cry.

2. Volunteer. When I was in University, we had a puppy room during exam week. Students would go in the room filled with puppies to pet and play with them in order to relieve stress. Volunteering at an animal shelter or even playing with your own pet can help you not only feel more accomplished but can actually help anxiety

3. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Having a lack of sleep can actually make depression worse. Exhaustion makes you less active, makes your thoughts unclear and muddy and increases negative thoughts. Try to have a regular sleep schedule by going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day.

4. Go out, even if you stay in. Get ready for the day even if you plan on staying home. Being bedridden for days on end can actually increase depressed thoughts. Taking things one step at a time – showering, doing your hair, brushing your teeth, wearing outdoor clothes etc , can help you feel less sluggish.

5. Don’t say no. (to your friends we mean). Be social. It seems a lot easier to just deny your friends invitation to go out. But don’t do it, no matter how much you want to stay in. Just tell yourself, you need to show up even if you don’t contribute to the conversation.

6. Listen to happy music. Sometimes when we feel depressed all we want to do is listen to sad music and delve even deeper into negative thoughts. Snap out it by listening to a up beat playlist. It’s hard to focus on negative thoughts when you have energetic and positive music blasting.


7. Eat healthy. Comfort food makes everything better, but in moderation. Sometimes when we feel depressed we eat more than we actually need to because it momentarily distracts us from our thoughts. This could actually make you feel even worse or guilty. You may not be in control of your emotions but take charge by being in control of what you eat.




8. Spend time in the kitchen. Doing things to distract you can be a great way of relieving yourself of negative thoughts. Baking or do any hobby you enjoy can be very good for your soul. Doing something and accomplishing it can make you have a more positive outlook on your life.

9. Exercise. (or do any physical activity you enjoy) Physical activity can actually improve your mood by releasing endorphin’s. Not only that, doing something active can make you feel more in control and accomplished.

10. Pamper yourself. When having negative thoughts, its easy to think you don’t deserve to be treated with kindness. Take some time to do something for you. Be a little selfish and clear your mind by disappearing for a little while by just focusing on you.

11. Read a book. A book is a great way to get lost. Forget your negative feelings and escape into the story you’re reading.


12. Meditate. This may seem silly to some people but simple breathing exercises can actually make you feel less anxious and stressed. Take up yoga, or go somewhere with fresh air and just focus on breathing.

13. Count on others. When you are feeling poorly about yourself and your life it just seems easier to deal with it on your own. You may think no one cares or no one wants to hear about your problems. They do. You may think you’re the only one feeling alone or sad but everyone feels like this at one point or another. Give a reaching hand and you will be surprised how many people are actually there to support you.

These are some easy suggestions to get you back on track and more in control of your life. Everyone at one point feels poorly, the key is knowing what to do to come out of it.


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