10 Ways To Make Your Blog More Successful

The beginning phase of creating a new blog is fun and exciting but also the most challenging. You’ve done all the planning and completed all your research on finding your target demographic and now you’re ready to launch this thing. But what now? When creating a blog, planning is often times not enough. To succeed, you need to get out there and get your content into the hands of your intended audience.  Here’s a list of ways to promote your new blog:

1. Ensure you have a daily action plan. Daily action on a new blog is key. Planning daily actions that contains tasks that produce results that grow your business is essential. These actions are anything ranging from actions that bring visitors to your site to making personal contacts daily, writing new content, and researching new ideas. These are all key things to do everyday.

2. Don’t change your website for the first 4 months. Spend as much time as you like designing the concept of your blog. But once you’ve designed it and your site is up, you will be tempted to constantly tweak and make changes to the look. Don’t. Instead, spend the next few months focusing on content and getting that content out there. Build your brand, build your audience, build relationships.

3. No advertisements. Your focus when you first create your blog should not be on advertising revenue. Instead of focusing on making a few quick bucks, focus your efforts on creating real and good quality content. The most important thing is attracting readers for the long run.

4. Make friends. Networking is essential for the blogging world. Find other blogs in your space and put your efforts into getting acquainted. Just remember, there is a big difference between spamming someone and persevering to create a new relationship.

5. Build links. Creating back-links by following SEO tactics allows for your content to reach a wider audience. Doing a quick google search on “search engine optimization” or “ways to find back-links” will give you all the valuable information you need to know.

6. Comments, comments and more comments. Commenting on blogs and forums allows you to have opportunities to be involved in conversation. Don’t be overly promotional, or leave spam type comments, leave insightful comments that will lure the audience to visit your blog.

7. Respond to readers. Responding back to comments left on your blog is critical. This shows your efforts and personal appreciation for your audience.

8. Build an Email list. Encourage visitors to sign up for an email list. Opening the door to communication between your audience is very valuable. This will allow comments, criticism and helpful insights that you might otherwise not get.

9. 100 personal contacts. Make 100 personal contacts a day. Sending a personal email, a phone call, a thoughtful blog comment etc. When creating a blog it is sometimes hard to report how much work you’re actually putting in and how productive your day has been, creating a goal allows you to stay on task. When you want to go watch television or go sleep you might reconsider knowing you still have 20 new contacts to make before you call it a day.

10. Have content ready. When you launch your blog, have an existing inventory of 15-20 blogs ready to go. Make sure these are good quality posts in order to fill your blog with great content to get your audience interested. This will allow your audience to see what you’re all about.

Creating a successful blog is very hard work but if you do the work, the results will come.Some of these tips are a lot easier than others, but I assure you all are equally important!

Best of luck on your new blogging endeavors!


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