8 Ways to get better sleep

Work can be exhausting enough as is without the added hurdle of being sleep deprived. Walking around the office feeling and looking like a zombie is not a good look for anybody. A lack of sleep can have many negative effects on your health but can even make your work harder for you.

Here are some simple ways to get more sleep in order to be more refreshed and alert for work:

1. Limit your alcohol consumption. This part is not so fun, but drinking less alcohol can actually help you get more high quality sleep. Although many people like to end their night with a glass of wine – which at first makes them drowsy –  it can ultimately be counterproductive since alcohol depresses your central nervous system and will it end up leaving you to stay awake all night when the sedative wears off.

2. Make sure your bed is comfortable. If your bed space is cluttered with things, it can actually disrupt your sleep. Clean the area near where you sleep and also invest some money into buying a good quality mattress.

3. Exercise. (Not just during the day). Despite controversy that exercise later in the day can disrupt sleep, studies show that fitness whenever can improve your quality of sleep. Just be careful with how much you are exercising. Excessive cardio, no matter the time of day, can actually do you more harm than good.

4. You are what you eat. Certain foods such as eggs, cherries, and rice actually cause chemicals in your brain to allow for better sleep. Also be cautious of how close to bedtime you are eating, a big meal right before bed can disrupt your sleep.

5. No technology. Putting your gadgets away in bed will allow for easier sleep as well as an improved quality in sleep. There are certain gadgets out there designed to improve your sleep as well such as nightwave sleep assistant, sleep monitor apps etc.

6. It’s all in the mind. Convincing yourself that you had a good night’s rest may actually differ how you think and feel. Simply thinking you had a high-quality sleep may trigger more heightened responses from your brain.

7. Music. Now, i’m not referring to something super upbeat and energetic but rather a soothing playlist that will distract you from your own sleepless thoughts.

8. Don’t nap too much. If you nap during the days for a few hours here and there but aren’t getting to REM sleep, you could cause yourself to be severely exhausted overtime. When you miss  your window of sleep, there is no way of getting that sleep back, no matter how many short cat naps you take during the day.

Sleep is so important. It affects everything from hormones to cognitive abilities. If you want to be more productive and alert at work, just follow some of these simple tips and you should be well on your way to more than 7 hours of good quality sleep. 


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