How to Create A Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing planning is no different than any other marketing plan. Creating separate plans for ‘digital’ and offline’ marketing may not be the best idea but adding additional planning for your “digital” marketing may create a soother transition.

1) Start with your customer. Build your planning around your customer insights and needs- not around your products or tactics.

2) Keep it flexible. Situations and plans are constantly changing online. Do this by having a long term vision alongside shorter term plans.

3) Set realistic goals. Keep your specific objectives fact based as oppose to assumption based

4) Keep it simple. Keeping what you’re trying to say simple allows an easier understanding for people.

5) Keep everything up-to-date. Review, review, review! Measure, measure, measure!

6) There is no such thing as a perfect plan! What is needed will keep changing and as long as you are ready to meet these changes you are already on your way to success.

Using the RACE framework designed to help create and refine digital marketing plans will allow you to keep a better focus on your digital marketing strategies.

Reach; prospects and customers

Do this by: Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), affiliate and partner marketing, online advertising, online PR, social media marketing

Act: Achieve interaction

Convert: To lead or sale

Do these by: Conversion rate optimization, Ecommerce management, lead generation techniques, home page optimization, landing page optimization

Engage: Though time

Do this by: Content marketing strategy, Enewsletters and promotional emails, E-contract strategy, customer service and support, mobile marketing, social CRM

Extra Tips

  • Set-up your digital listening post to ensure you understand what’s going on around you and listen in on conversation that could inform your understanding (EX: Twitter and Instagram hashtags)
  • Being digital for the sake of having a presence is not the answer, the key is to build out a dedicated strategy that results in a strong return on investment
  • Focus on the 4 P’s of marketing (place, promotion, price, product) and now add a 5th P: People 
  • Understand what motivates people: Self expression, human connection, and content discovery
  • Understand that you do not need the deepest pockets to reach an audience
  • Focus on how you intend to be perceived by your market
  • Base your strategies and practises on actual methodology as oppose to hunches
  • Make sure the goals of your customer overlaps with the goals of your business
  • Create a persona for your brand; base it off of a archetype (joker, nurturer, explorer etc.)
  • Build plan around customer insights and needs rather than around your products and tactics

These are just a few simple things you can do to begin planning your digital marketing. It is very important for you to spend some time in the planning phase before deciding to implement. Comment below if you have any additional tips or insights.

Best of luck everyone!


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