8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Having No Social Media Strategy. 

Not having a social media strategy can completely hinder your company’s initiatives of growing. The goal of a social media strategy is so deliver and convey an effective message to your audience. This can be the personality and voice of your company so not having a social media presence can leave you behind.

Posting blindly will also not help you, rather set a clear social media strategy and you will have the kind of engaging content you want online.

2. Creating Too Many Social Media Accounts. 

Creating accounts on too many social media platforms at once takes away from quality content and focusing on building engaging content and a strong following.

Having multiple social media platforms, each having a few posts a month or even in a year will do you more harm than good. It shows a lack of initiative to reach out to your customers and shows a lack of quality and commitment.

Keep the focus of your social media strategy very narrow and then slowly branch out.

3. Using Fake Followers

Buying fake followers at the end of the day won’t help you much. Sure it can give you more prominence but at the end of the day if your goal is sales fake followers will not help with that.

Many social media platforms are also slowly starting to delete spam accounts. So be careful where you’re putting your valuable money into.

Instead focus on building genuine customer relationships and showing what your brand is all about.

4. Being Too Sales-Y On Social 

If all your posts are about your brand and how customers should buy or use your products, then you are doing ‘social’ wrong. Rather, posts interesting and shareable content that conveys a message and let your audience know you’re willing to communicate and reach out.

5. Too Many Hashtags.

Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags will make your company seem illegitimate and annoying. The use of hashtags is definitely helpful but when done appropriately.

Limit your hashtag usage to a sensible number and only use the hashtags that are extremely relevant to your content.

6. Too Much Sharing. 

Posting content every minute will do you more harm than good. If your goal is to turn off customers from following you on social media then continue posting content after content.

Focus more on spacing out your posts so your social media does not overwhelm your audience and make it seem like your platform is spammy. This will also increase the chances of your posts actually being viewed.

There is also no problem with re-sharing old content just make sure the timing is appropriate and it is not excessive.

7. Too Many Mistakes. 

If you forget to proofread and your posts have spelling errors then it reduces the credibility of your company.

8. Forgetting The “Social” Aspect Of Social Media. 

You want to make your social media accounts more personal rather than very formal and uptight. You want your audience to think they are talking to a person rather than a corporate robot.

Responding to comments here and there can definitely help with this. If you develop a voice that is light and witty people will love to continue interacting and engaging with you.



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