6 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy

Employee turnover costs businesses huge amounts of money every year. Constantly hiring and replacing employees is the blueprint for a poor business model. As such, keeping employees satisfied is essential in operating a successful business. But what exactly keeps employees happy?

Listed Below are 6 secrets to keeping employees happy:


This one should come as no surprise. Everyone wants to be respected, including you as an employer. Treating your employees with the same sense of respect that you demand from them shows how much you value them.


Keeping an eye on employee progress is an obvious must, but nobody wants to be micromanaged. Employees was flexibility when it comes to their schedule, as well as how they go about getting their tasks done without having their boss breathing down their neck. This shows that you trust your employees, if you do not then you probably hired the wrong person to begin with.


Even though employees want their freedom with getting tasks done they also need a sense of guidance and feedback to ensure what they are doing is on the right path. Acknowledge the workers you see working hard. Find the middle ground between intrusive and apathy with respect to your employees.


By helping workers develop their careers by furthering their education shows that you are willing to invest in them. This is a double win because their strengths in turn positively effect your organization. Using online tools such as SkyPrep Online Training, you can allow your workers to improve their skill set themselves without disrupting their daily responsibilities at work.


Although, money is not the end all and be all, a lot of people are motivated by their pay cheque. By ensuring that you’re compensating your employees fairly, especially if their hard work is outperforming their current wage. Bonuses are a great tool to show how much you appreciate a worker.


As a boss, it should be your responsibility to inform your employees regarding important news about what is happening in the organization. If there is an overall good stream of communication amongst workers then there will be a reduction is mistakes occurring due to miscommunication or lack of information. Being approachable and open also creates a more comfortable work environment that all employees will appreciate. Make sure you keep everyone in the loop, and certain people are not left out which can leave to petty workplace politics.

Employees need to feel like they are treated as people and not just a means to an end. These tips will not only help your organization be more successful but will save you turnover costs. Having loyal customers is one of the most important elements a company can have. So, take effort and show that you are taking initiative for your people.


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