Cool Ways to Boost Office Productivity

Let’s face it, office life can be pretty monotonous. Employees can become inattentive and tired, which hurts productivity. Break the stuffiness by creating positive, lively energy around the office. Here are 8 tips to keep things upbeat.

1.Encourage Face-to-Face Communication

Email is so common that employees may even send email to people in the same room. Talking one-on-one gets real-time responses and fosters genuine dialog.

face-to-face communication


2. Welcome Plants

Plants are natural mood enhancers. They improve problem-solving skills and idea development.

Office plants


3. Collaborate on Company Outing Ideas

Have employees give ideas for the next company outing. Create a committee responsible for coming up with fun ideas.

company outings


4.Designate a ‘Fun’ Area or Lounge

This area should be used solely for relaxation and activities like games (i.e. pool, ping pong, video games etc.)


5.Get Social

Promote friendships between employees, even across different departments, away from the office. Genuine workplace friendships cultivate better collaboration and teamwork.


6. Celebrate

Acknowledging little accomplishments is a great way to boost morale. It promotes excellence and can even make for friendly competition.


7. Decorate

Decorate the office according to your company’s brand standards and for the holidays too. It instills a sense of community.

office decorations

8. Encourage Hobbies 

Hobbies are a great way for employees to practice problem-solving skills and develop creativity on non-work related activities. They may even learn a few transferable skills!





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