12 Ways To Make Your Brain More Efficient

A lot of factors can have an impact on your overall intelligence such as your family genetics, preschool education, the way your parents treated you as a child, illnesses etc. It may seem like some individuals have always been naturally gifted while others have not been so lucky in the smarts department. Just like how some blame bad genetics for their lack of physical capabilities and try to train their way to a good physique, you can train your brain as well. Here are 12 ways to make your brain be more efficient.

1. Drink more. (alcohol, i mean) Yes, i’m serious. When consuming alcohol responsibly it can actually have a good impact on your brain. There are studies conducted by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart that discovered 29% of people over the age of 65 who rarely drank experienced some form of mental impairment as they got older compared to 19% of individuals who drank moderate amounts of alcohol.

2. Avoid sugar. Diet does play a role in how we think. Consuming a diet high in sugar can affect the ability to learn and retain information. A high sugar diet can also impact the ability to think clearly. So ditch your soda, ice cream and cookies for something healthier.

3. Play Video Games. Playing video games frequently has been linked to more brain cells in the left ventral striatum, the area responsible for controlling emotions and behavior. Video games can also improve hand-eye coordination.

4. Turn off the TV. Excessive television watching can cause something called the min
d-rot effective. Individuals who watched more than 2 hours of television are twice as more likely to be diagnosed with attention disorder.

5. Work-out. Leading an active lifestyle will allow you to keep tissues in your brain young. Physical activity slows down the brains physical decaying over a long duration of time. In a University of Illinois study, mice who ran ended up simply being smarter all around.

6. Eat Natural. Essentially eat like a pioneer; eating natural meats, grains, and fresh fruit and produce and reducing your consumption of processed foods.

7. Eat fish. Continuing with the trend of eating, fish or even fish-oil supplements are linked with improved mental performance. Many believe the reason for this is due to the improvement of blood flow to the brain which reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system.

8. Break bad habits. Quitting smoking will not only be beneficial to your overall health but can also improve your brain efficiency. There is a link between tobacco use and dull mental performance, reducing speed and accuracy of a persons overall thinking.

9. Drink more. (Coffee, I mean) Coffee does actually have the ability to make you think more clearly. Just be careful on how much your caffeine intake is a day.

10. Work alone. Group sessions or brainstorming is not always the best idea. Certain group settings such as class, meetings, parties etc, can actually alter the expression of your IQ, making you less able to process information.

11. Drink more. (Water, I mean) Not being adequately hydrated can actually cause your brain to shrink. Its even more important to stay hydrated for individuals who work up a sweat. Lack of hydration means that your brain actually has to work a lot harder.

12. Think positive. Banishing negative thoughts and believing in yourself can play a major role in how well your brain performs. Having a positive attitude can actually make you more successful and can give you the ability to out-perform individuals who are not self-confident.


2 thoughts on “12 Ways To Make Your Brain More Efficient

  1. “Drink more alcohol” is a fallacy. Alcohol is directly responsible for killing neurons, and this starts with the first drop of alcohol. The myth of “one glass of wine a day is good for you” may be valid for cardiac health, but certainly not for brain health. So if you drink (alcohol), you may live longer but you’ll be senile. Take your pick.


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