6 Qualities of Great Leaders

1. Vision 

Being able to turn big ideas into executable plans while keeping your team on track are crucial parts of leadership

-Mapping out your journey is the first step

-Be able to clearly describe your vision to other people

-Always stay one step ahead by anticipating and embracing change

2. Humility 

You should act with humility by seeking out feedback and focusing on the needs of others. 

-Find time for personal reflection and observation

-Admit mistakes and admit when you need to improve

-Be open to criticism, it will help you become a better leader

3. Self-Awareness

Understand and manager your emotions, as well as the emotions of other people

-Control your actions to positively affect outcomes

-Inner-calm and outer resolve comes down to self-control

-Understand how you handle emotions and how it affects others

4. Integrity

Having strong values, beliefs, ethics and character allows others to clearly identify with you

-When you’re sincere you build lasting trust and loyalty

-Honesty will positively assure people of your intentions

-Leaders have an obligation to adhere to strong moral principles

5. Commitment 

Learn to appreciate the journey more than the destination and know hot to face adversity with confidence 

-You need to be bold and stand by your idea

-The key to making things work, is hard work

-Show loyalty by nurturing the key people to become leaders

6. Helps Others 

Act with generosity and gratitude by influencing positive change in peoples’ lives 

-Nurture people to become better professionally and personally

-It’s up to you to set your team to be successful

-You should find pride in helping others succeed


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